EPMOWORX™ provides accurate and timely information allowing management at all levels to make informed decisions.

EPMOWORX™ is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) based on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. The PMO SaaS enables clients to intuitively manage simple to complex project deliveries and for clients at executive level, to align the value of these deliveries with high level business drivers across their organization.
The value of EPMOWORX’s solution is the capability to accept traditionally unstructured business and project information from multiple sources (including actions, notes, financial data and uploads of Microsoft Project data) and then render the same information in a consistent format to all stakeholders across the organization. This consistent format is EPMOWORX’s Business Delivery Information© (BDI©)which utilizes industry wide PMO standards for EPMOWORX TOLERANCE™ business rules. The TOLERANCE business rules ultimately determine the RED / AMBER / GREEN (RAG) for reporting. EPMOWORX’s BDI© supports management at all levels assisting enterprise wide collaboration, making timely critical decisions and executing appropriate actions to ensure the best outcome for the business benefit.
EPMOWORX’s collaborative approach,using EPMOWORX Instant Messaging™, allows stakeholders to create, read and update critical BDI© such as Progress, Risks, Issues, Changes, Cost and Requirements. Alerts and tasks are pushed to responsible stakeholders if BDI© exceeds pre-configured RAG tolerance levels such as delayed progress and critical risks. These alerts and tasks are communicated externally across the client’s organization through standard email exchange solutions and internally via the EPMOWORX Instant Messaging™ feature. This proactive alert process encourages stakeholders to use critical information for timely decisions and actions.

EPMOWORX Philosophy

EPMOWORX™ provides managers at all levels with a localized holistic and intuitive solution. It records, monitors, manages organizational strategic initiatives and how it influences subordinate initiatives such as business objectives, executive plans, portfolios, programmes, projects and finally activities, tasks and deliverables.
EPMOWORX™ assists management to create precise and measurable initiatives. It can identify unnecessary or redundant initiatives and manage common escalated risks, issues and costs impacting the organizational strategy or any subordinate initiative.
EPMOWORX™ uploads and analyses risks, issues, progress, costs, requirements, deliverables and many other attributes from multiple agencies and stakeholders across the shifting matrix of organizations.