All hierarchy records (INITIATIVE) are subject to enterprise-wide configurable business rules of TOLERANCE. This allows the organization to objectively measure what is RED / AMBER or GREEN

Enterprise Super Administrators can set the type of KPI , the severity to measure for each specific COMMON Function, the unit to be measured and the TOLERANCE of the unit to be measured inside the COMMON Function to set the specific record as RED / AMBER or GREEN.

Enterprise Super Administrators can set different levels of TOLERANCE for each specific INITIATIVE Hierarchy record type.

Therefore, BUSINESS DRIVERS can have a wider TOLERANCE compared to a PROJECT TOLERANCE level which may be more restrictive in RED / AMBER or GREEN and period for measurement. A BUSINESS DRIVER can have a longer time before an ISSUE turns GREEN to AMBER (perhaps set with a 30-day delay, compared to a PROJECT ISSUE that would be set to turn from GREEN to AMBER in 5 days.

This objective method for measuring TOLERANCE provides a consistent method for measuring the performance of all INITIATIVES across the entire enterprise of the organization