EPMOWORX™ RISK management allows for multiple RISK records to be linked with a single Hierarchic record (BUSINESS DRIVER, EXECUTIVE PLAN, PORTFOLIO, PROGRAMME OR PROJECT).

Each RISK contains Header information to set accountability and time targets for the assessment, resolution and then closure. Each RISK record can have many ACTIONs, NOTEs and “Drag’n’Drop” files associated to it.

  • RISK HEADER section contains the CATEGORY of the RISK, who is responsible and target dates for when the RISK is to be assessed, resolved and closed.
  • RISK ASSESS allows assessor to record the descriptive and objective assessment of the RISK in probability and severity.
  • RISK RESOLVE allows the resolver to record the resolution and strategy to manage the risk.
  • RISK CLOSE allows the closer to decide the closure of the RISK or to convert it to an ISSUE.